"The situation is dangerous": Ischinger sees war as a climate risk

              Monday, December 02, 2019

              The deforestation of rainforests, fossil fuels, fumes and livestock fuel global warming. People around the world are campaigning for more climate protection. However, a "great war" could destroy all their efforts, warns the head of the Munich Security Conference.
              The security expert Wolfgang Ischinger has rated a "big war" as a far underestimated climate risk. "A big war, and all the climate goals we have, you can all stomp," said the head of the Munich Security Conference on the ARD. "If you want climate protection, you must also ensure that we do not get wars." This also applies to great wars in which the West is not involved. Wolfgang Ischinger heads the Munich Security Conference. (Photo: dpa) "The situation is dangerous," said Ischinger. It is characterized by complete absence of confidence building and the loss of arms control. The UN Security Council is often blocked. Other institutions did not work well enough, because "everywhere in the world" it is erroneously meant that one could better promote one's own goals alone. According to Ischinger's assessment, the problem also affects NATO. "Actually, the future of the West is at stake, is there still the West?", Asked Ischinger. The NATO summit in Britain on Tuesday and Wednesday will be a "symbolic act" for the 70th anniversary. There would be no "grand negotiation", but many experts would worry about the state of the Alliance. "Will NATO live up to its goals?" One also had to ask whether goals and methods changed over time. For example, NATO is not "calibrated" to a dispute with China and is still dealing today with the USSR successor Russia. However, the view of China has changed dramatically. If China was still a fabulous export market a year ago in Germany, today it will become a global political system competitor.

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